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Terms And Conditions

Thank you for choosing “DESTINATIONS Taxi Services” as your transportation partner. We are delighted to have the opportunity to serve you and ensure your journey is comfortable and enjoyable. As experts in organizing travel and holidays, we dedicate ourselves to the meticulous selection, ensuring all aspects of your taxi experience meet the highest standards. Our commitment to excellence means that we spare no effort in providing exceptional services and maintaining a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere throughout your ride. Your safety and security are our top priorities, and we take pride in offering reliable and trustworthy taxi services. While we carefully choose our vehicles and drivers, we acknowledge that we have no control over external factors. Nevertheless, we assure you that we will do everything within our capacity to make your journey with us exceptional.
We cannot be held responsible for any injuries, losses, personal harm, deaths, or damages to individuals or property resulting from the actions or negligence of the management or employees of any independent contractor, as long as such incidents occur outside of our standard selection and inspection process. Additionally, we will not be held liable for any delays or changes to the program, or for any expenses incurred directly or indirectly due to natural disasters, flight or train cancellations, accidents, equipment breakdowns, transportation disruptions, adverse weather conditions, illness, landslides, political closures, or any other unforeseen events.
Our Liabilities:
Please be aware that after finalizing the cost of the tour or service, any increases in entrance fees for monuments/museums, taxes, fuel costs, or guide charges implemented by the Government of India will be charged separately. We act as agents for transporters, railways, and contractors who provide other services. All exchange orders, receipts, contracts, and tickets issued by us are subject to the terms and conditions of these service providers. The itineraries provided are sample itineraries intended to give you a general idea of the expected trip schedule.
Please note that various factors such as weather conditions, road conditions, and the physical abilities of participants may necessitate changes to the itinerary, either before the tour or while on the trail. We reserve the right to modify any schedule in the interest of ensuring the safety, comfort, and overall well-being of the trip participants.
To secure your booking with our services, it is necessary to make advance payments, confirming your reservation. The remaining balance can be paid before your departure from your country or state, or upon your arrival but definitely, before the services commence. The specific amount required as an advance payment will be determined by our management personnel, taking into consideration the nature of the service and the time remaining until its commencement. However, please note that for certain services during peak seasons, full payment must be sent in advance.
Mode Of Payment:
Overseas Advance Payment Can Be Made Through a Wire Transfer To Our Bank.